You are my winter Sweater


"You are my winter" sweater

This garment could probably be officially considered the business card of the 2020 Christmas collection.

Remembering Summer with "You're My Summer"?

To me, they are still one of my favorite t-shirts, because just from the inscription, the head is easily dizzy with summer feeling and happiness.

We decided that giving a tribute to the warm season to hurt the cozy cold would be a bit unfair.

We will not offer sleeveless sweatshirts for the winter, but a white, soft, warm sweater - BOLD.

Cozy slip into a large cozy "hooded" long sweater with comfortable pockets and a clearly visible "declaration" that "YOU ARE MY WINTER" and the slow winter with snowflakes sounds like a great plan for surviving the cold season.

Or not?



40% cotton

56% polyester

4% elastane