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Mono Sweater



-        When evaluating a sweater "to be or not to be", I always try to stretch one sleeve lengthwise and check whether the model is suitable for the cozy "bareness" of one sleeve.

I don't know about you, but to me this is one of the most attractive features of all sweaters.


- BLACK! It's even strange to write, but yes - a black knitted product appears on our horizons for the FIRST TIME.


-The sweater can be worn with both pants and skirts, it goes well with a t-shirt.


-We've chosen a neat 'square' silhouette for him, meaning he doesn't have an elastic band tucked in at the bottom to cinch his bottom.




Sweater - 55 cm

Sleeve - 54 cm



30% mohair

4% wool

36% acrylic

30% polyamide