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Maxi Dress


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Pink maxi dress of "feeling"


Other women, we love to be beautiful, but we always have a crisp practicality.

And again we remember your favorite phrase: "I want a dress for the celebration and then ... don't hang it in the closet."

When we turned our heads, we decided that you were absolutely right and you could find a solution that would keep that lovely feeling of solemnity when dressed up, but then it would not be placed in a closet to wait for some occasion, and would easily transform into a beloved and often worn everyday. dress.

That's why we forced our rebirth to 'max', this time in the soft peach color, where the dress 'blooms' with even greater ease and gentleness.

The long, gently rotating leg-dressed dress has a cleverly hidden most comfortable pockets, a classic shirt collar, a belt attached to it, and cute ribbons on the cuffs that we have "rolled" into unbroken boots.


The dress breaks with a secret clasp and, if necessary, can just be put on a swimsuit for long walks on the seashore.




95% rayon

5% elastane