Light Brown Jacket


This time we chose very small, eye-catching, light brown / coffee shades.

The fabric chosen for the jacket has a very pleasant feature - both the upper layer and the lining are extremely elastic and do not like jackets, because they often feel “compressed” and restrained, it is easy to raise your hands or drive a car, you should love this jacket immediately.

Our vision and task was to sew a checkered jacket from such a fabric, after which the feeling would remain only warm, but not uncomfortably compressed, after "placing" a small sweater or a sweaty sweater.

For a classic haircut, an unbuttoned jacket, we installed a belt in the company (for those who like to wear a vest), and placed a row of buttons typical of men's jackets on the cuffs.

This time the jacket is half-length, because after putting together the vision of a full suit (you can choose from two pants models), we decided that this is the length that looks most beautiful, and besides, it has never been the case in ours.

Not designed specifically for Christmas, but when you put all its good qualities in a pile, it turned out that it is just great, comfortable and tailored to comfortably lay out with warm sweaters, a cold season jacket.


75% viscose

22% polyester

3% elastane


100% viscose