Cozy Dress


Every woman in the closet has to weave different dresses. Some are for output, others are for hard work, and others are for leisure.

But there is a "kind" of dresses that doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories listed above, but at the same time fits all.

I will not ask for them and go to work, and at the same time - you will have met “on the spot and on time”, if for leisure time, you can climb into comfortable and warm boots next to comfortable and warm boots.

Cozy, long-sleeved, comfortable, warm and really "multi-purpose" use.

Tape the strap or leave it comfortably non-waisted.

Pockets are "hung" in the side seams for maximum comfort and for constantly scattered items and often not finding a place to find heat-seeking hands.



80% cotton

20% polyester