Chic Black Skirt

$155.00 $109.00

"Chic" skirt

A long-awaited and hinting skirt. It looks like nothing very "unseen": suit fabric, black color, pencil silhouette. But probably this dog will be hung up here for its simplicity and necessity - you have been biting me for so long.

When you go, neatly laid pleats swing so elegantly in the rhythm of the step that even in black / suit / pencil it becomes something solemn. And that sense of elegance is filled with sincerity that you want to stretch your back more and stretch your shoulders.

For extra comfort, he can put on a stretch fabric and, of course, comfortable pockets.

And one more elegance - for a neatly stitched and rigid belt that we sew into a stylish ribbon.

We combine it with simple sweaters or "golfs" on a daily basis and with nicer blouses.

We do not offer glitter, but admit it is easy with glittery outfits.



78% polyester

19% rayon

3% spandex