Champagne sweater




Well, because of its soft, easy-fitting fabric, you will have no problems placing them under classic cleans.

When the weather is full of autumn and the days are hardly lit, our clothes do not necessarily have to go hand in hand towards dark shades and adjust to the environment, at the same time "pulling down" and a clear mood.

Dress lightly.

Champagne, nude, ivory, sand shades, as a delicious vitamin, throw a lifeline so that without much effort we do not drown the ball knows where the sadness of rainy days came from.

If you don't promise to "protest" against the autumn gloom from head to toe "armed" with pastel, have at least a cozy, bright, easy-to-adjust sweater.

Maybe spring doesn’t happen in the fall, but the feeling of coziness and light will definitely visit “I have what to wear” and “I know how to easily adjust” in the mornings.



80% cotton

20% polyester