"Casual "Vest


On the sides of the vest you will find the most comfortable pockets that will come to you in the closet and the sewing belt will also be sewn together.

For belt lovers, we will also offer a belt buckle with the same fabric.

We designed the vest so that it would fit perfectly on a blouse or t-shirt, until Spring is still in sight, and how it will calm down and stop showing the capriciousness you can release the blouse from below, and you only adjust the vest with the trousers. The perfect sleeveless jacket will come out, without which you will not even have to fit any additional blouse.

Comfortable, stylish and boring "costume".


The length of the vest is 112cm.



Composition Camel Vest

78% polyester

19% rayon

3% elastane


Composition Chacki Vest

60% polyester

36% polyamide

4% elastane