Beautiful Dress


We have "arranged" a small, very beautiful, "delicious" color dress so that it perfectly "performs" two functions.
On the one hand, she is a great dress with whom one can travel boldly during the spring of warm days and even around the corner in a swarming summer, on the other hand, before spring is on the heat swing, she looks infinitely beautiful at the sapphire. Combine a black modest golfer, a favorite white shirt or the blue beauties of this collection watching the most delicious duo.
If you want a freer style - place a simple “t-shirt” under it and jump into comfortable sneakers. Carelessness mixed with a stylish sense of life is guaranteed.

A textured, stiff, but very comfortable fabric dress - the sarafan has side pockets and .... It
fits endlessly into the “Fabric” jacket / coat of the same fabric, which in the duo sounds like a single note “neither add nor subtract”.

Length - 90 cm

72% polyester
27% viscose
1% elastane
100% viscose