Agnes Cardigan


The color of the cuffs usually matches the color of the yarn. However, the colour may vary in few different tones for each garment.

This knitted garment is made from highest quality Italian yarn. The properties of this yarn determine the lightness and softness of the garment. That is why you look so subtle and unique wearing our knitwear!

Because of yarn‘s nature, all our knitted garments may shed and are prone to pilling to some extent. These are absolutely natural properties of this yarn and are not necessarily a sign of yarn‘s quality.

Shedding and pilling will decrease eventually if you remove pills regularly or dry clean the garment. Once the shedding is removed, the garment is not likely to shed again.

If you want to enjoy this knitted garment for many years to come, treat it with love and attention. Always follow general care instructions for knitwear.


30 % alpaca, 30 % merino wool, 40 % polyacrylic

one size

clips with a brooch

genuine leather decorated cuffs

the shown models are 174 cm (the blonde) and 178 cm (the brunette) height