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Inspire Life Coat


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Inspire life" summer coat

He is one of the best friends of my closet. Not even the closets .... until it "does not go up" because it hangs in a handy home near the bathrobe.


Oh, everywhere.

Comfortable and cute as a gown, but meeting much higher standards of culture.

In homesteads. By the Sea - necessarily. In the park - ideal.

To work? Why not?

After all, the summer is cool in the summer, and the natural fiber 'drizzle', with no whims, means the desire to take part in a combination of pants / dresses / skirts.

Be sure to take it on vacation. When the evenings become cooler, as in the airport waiting areas, inadvertently it becomes cold as in refrigerators, when night flights on airplanes become poor heat- hold your JI at hand.

Although large and cozy, but quite easy and very well-suited to suitcases. And after unpacking - it becomes straight again overnight without the need to "scratch" it with a screed.

After all, traveling on time should not remain.

It was here about his character.

And about his appearance - not the most beautiful.

With a very good big "captain" on which "tattooed" the motto of my life "Inspire life", with the most comfortable pockets and a very comfortable zipper.



100% cotton