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'Elegant ' White Dress


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Elegant (white) dress


The silhouette of this dress, the details and the "on-the-fly" button allow you to march with this dress for the most beautiful holidays in your life, and then ... to storm your office days.

And in all cases feel right.

The upper part of the dress has a very grateful "peplum" silhouette of the figure "pluses and minuses".

And in it - the most beloved pockets hidden.

The dress has been fitted with small sleeves that do not compromise the beauty and elegance of the dress, but provide a "cover" for the upper part of the arm.

You love it the most.

In the center of the dresses, there is a tight strap decorated with a tiny ribbon, which, according to your mood, can be worn on a dress, or when you do not want to be so romantic - at home for rest.



96% polyester

4% elastane


95% rayon

5% elastane