Capucino Dress Jacket


And this time we have taken and set ourselves the task - to "put together" a garment that would perform two functions. And in both cases, it would do great.

After constructing the pants, you can rotate ten times around your axis, but they will not turn into a blouse or dress in any way.

And va jacket - it turns out it is possible to bring up.

Both we and you love extended jackets.

We love their neat and regular collars, we love their stiff fall and we adore the abundance of images that can be created with them.

We ourselves love elongated jackets to the moon and back, so this time we interpret.

After a bit longer, thinking about the fastening, but retaining all the character traits characteristic of the jacket - we present you a two-character garment - a dress / jacket.

Add the harmony of a sweet almond latte with the "flashes" of brown buttons and let's be glad that multifunctional clothes are equal to many easy decisions about what and what.

In addition to the opportunities for level space to slip on the sometimes rather slippery path of matching capricious clothing.



78% polyester

19% viscose

3% elastane


100% viscose