Vanilla Wool Coat


Vanilla wool coat


I didn't find the right, high quality, warm, stiff fabric, the season didn't happen, all the tickets to the collection had already been handed out and there wasn't one more white coat.

That's how I "dressed" my days with a white jacket, dreaming of a coat.

And for a long time now, for me, all the white shades have turned my head around quite a bit - a public secret.

This time when the fabric fell into my hands, I never let it go.

Which I wish I had closed my eyes for a long time.

I know it will not be suitable at all for those who are looking for one basic "workhorse" for everyday.

that it can get dirty faster than a gray or black coat.

But still know very well.

nicer, more elegant, spring-like, or living in closets.

When everyone goes to spring with the coats that have survived the dark shades of winter, me and the team joining me, we will be brave enough to meet him, not only in nature, but also in the closet announcing vanilla.


Jacket length: 80cm, sleeve length 54cm.



100% wool


100% viscose