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Impressive Blouse


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An "impressive" blouse

And here is what I think is the most impressive thing we have to offer this Christmas / New Year.

Lovely dots landing on insanely thin and stretchy cozy mesh.

Raised neck, zipper "running" in the back and .... and .... for those who like the full effect "wow" - a separate, sturdy tulle bar that, when "knotted", gives a thin, translucent, but quite a bit of solemn standing ribbon.

You want it simpler - leave the ribbon at home, you want it smart - be sure with it.

It all depends on the ceremony and your decision.

But in any case, the two possible options are always better than one.


The blouse is joined in two parts - a thin top mesh and a neckline. There is a woven fabric at the chest and at the waist with a dotted mesh. Built in this way, the blouse becomes cultured and "non-crying".

We chose the underwear fabric just like the one offered under the blouse (skirts, trousers, or pencil skirt). Pairing your blouse with your favorite outfit will give you a great, perfect color and texture match.

All you have to do is choose which one. (Or is it useful to have more than one?)



78% polyester

19% rayon

3% spandex