Tunic "LUKA W", Light Pink

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This knitted minimalist tunic is made from the highest quality Italian yarns. The properties of these yarns determine the lightness and softness of the garment. Relaxed fit, two pockets, a turtleneck for added sophistication. Embrace cool with this tunic everyday and feel warm, stylish and comfortable.

Because of the yarn‘s nature, this garment is prone to pilling to some extent. This is an absolutely natural property of this yarn. Pilling will decrease eventually if you remove pills regularly or dry clean the garment.

If you want to enjoy this knitted garment for many years to come, treat it with love and attention. Always follow general care instructions for knitwear.

Composition: 29 % poly-amide, 28 % poly-acrylic, 21 % alpaca, 20 % merino wool,  2% spandex.

Color: Light pink